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From Dominik Süß <dominik.su...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: adaptTo(Berlin) 2012
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 12:08:43 GMT
Dear Apache Jackrabbit users and developers,

as Michael allready announced we'll organise a 2nd Edition of
.adapto(Berlin) this september.

Based on the feedback of the attendees from last years .adaptto()
we're trying to change some things.
The most interessting point for you might be the range of Topics:

Last year we did focus on talks that were based on the sling stack.
For this year we also would like to open it for sessions focused on
JCR without having the direct connection to
Sling. With this step we hope to bring the communities of Apache
Jackrabbit, Apache Felix and Apache Sling closer together and learn
from each other.

Here are some aditional things we'll have to / want to change:

- Location
Since Betahaus on the one hand is not available at the given dates,
and on the other hand there was some room for improvements regarding
the location (like space for more pariticipants), we had to relocate
the event. We did find a location which fullfills all requirements
without losing the industrial style we had in Betahaus last year. As
soon as the last details have been clarified we'll anounce the

- Length
As some of you might have noticed, this years edition is three instead
of the two days from last year. The reason for that is that we would
like to give you more time for interaction and also give 'newcomers'
the option to learn some basics of the frameworks on day one.

- Conference-"Style"
Based on the feedback we would love to see more interactive sessions
and workshops. But since this is again a community driven event,
everybody is more then welcome to discuss which topics might be worth
to be adressed and which style would be a matching  (workshop, front
session, hands-on session, lightning talk, panel discussion). We
really would like to have an active discussion here in the
mailinglists and hear from you what you would like to do or to know.

We'd be happy to get some feedback of your thoughts about this
conference. Feedback from last years participants as well as ideas an
proposals from any potential participant for this year.

Best regards,

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 10:46 PM, Michael Dürig <mduerig@apache.org> wrote:
> Dear Apache Jackrabbit developers and users,
> after last year's edition (http://adaptto.mixxt.de/) which got very
> good feedback from attendees, Provision and Adobe would like to
> organize and invite you to an event focused on our technologies, in
> Berlin, Germany, on September 26th-28th, called .adaptTo(Berlin) 2012.
> A brief description of the event follows below; please note that this
> is kept in a draft fashion to let the communities (Sling, Jackrabbit)
> shape its final content and organization. So please let us know if you
> are interested, what suggestions and what questions you would like to
> post, and, most of all: what you want to present or you would like to
> see presented at .adaptTo(Berlin)
> This is a brief description which we also put up on the web site:
> .adaptTo(Berlin) is a technical meetup focused on the technical stack
> of Apache Sling including Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Felix and is
> adressed to all developers using this stack or parts of it. Specific
> content will be focused on Adobe CQ5, the commercial WCM system whose
> infrastructure is based on the Sling stack and the commercial JCR
> Implementation Adobe CRX.
> This event is sponsored by Adobe Systems and pro!vision GmbH which
> also acts as host.
> The goal of this meetup is the consolidation of the experience and
> knowledge of the existing Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit and Apache
> Felix community and to introduce the complete Sling stack to
> newcomers. To achive this goal we'll try to bring developers and users
> (which means developers who work on top of this framework) together,
> talking about the framework and presenting solutions or best
> practices. Attendees that have not much experience with one or more
> parts of this stack will get the chance to get a kickstart
> introduction to Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Felix and Apache Sling on
> the first day.
> Day 1 of this meetup will therefore give unexperienced attendees the
> possiblity to learn the basic principles of this technological stack,
> while experienced users can set up free meetups in the style of a
> barcamp.
> Day 2 & 3 will include session on the open source Apache projects,
> Apache Sling, Apache Felix and Apache Jackrabbit, as well as some
> breakout sessions focused on Adobe CQ5 and CRX. The idea is to have a
> good mix of presentations, hands-on sessions, free discussions and
> maybe even workshops or a hackaton.
> Note: This is only a draft how we think this event could work, but
> since this is a community driven event, further planning and
> discussion of the contents of the meeting will be continued in the
> public mailinglists.
> where/when:
> Berlin, September 26-28 2012
> Target audience:
> Developers working with Sling, Jackrabbit, CQ and other related projects.
> Michael

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