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From Michael Wechner <michael.wech...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: Files on the filesystem?
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 11:37:23 GMT

This might be completely wrong, but IIRC I was told that something like 
this should be possible by using


Because I also wanted to have full control of how data is written into 
the filesystem I have developed my own API/implementation(s):


whereas the Yarep API is quite similar to JCR, but I would say is much 
more lightweight (which means pros and cons ;-),
but it works very fine for our purposes and we have it running for 
several customers with millions of nodes.



Am 07.06.12 10:48, schrieb Rob Bone:
> Hi guys,
> I am new to JCR and Jackrabbit so please forgive my ignorance, but I have
> created a test project and I am using Jackrabbit with a FileSystem
> persistence manager, and it appears to store the data in binary files on
> the filesystem, correct? But can it store the content itself on the
> filesystem?
> What I am looking for is a way to essentially  have files on the file
> system (so I can access them from say, explorer if I want to) but have my
> program manipulate them through Jackrabbit, with authentication,
> authorization etc all handled by the JCR. Is this possible with Jackrabbit?
> Thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Rob

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