Thanks! I've seem to have properly enabled logging using the default shipped implementation (logback), and I've detected that some Query* classes are the ones needed to be logged for some operations, but now I've seem to have a logback related configuration issue, any hints on log filtering based on the issuing class?

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On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 12:27 AM, Gonzalo Vasquez <> wrote:
Can anyone provide me a link to a tutorial or similar on configuring JackRabbits logging facilites?

Jackrabbit by default uses Logback for logging. See for documentation on how to configure it.

Since all Jackrabbit logging goes to Logback through SLF4J, you also
switch to another logging library as described in

I'd like to log all "CRUD" like operations to the repository.

In 2.4 the best place to log such things is probably the SessionState
class that issues a DEBUG log of most JCR-level operations you're
performing. Or you can look at enabling more detailed logging of
specific SessionOperation classes in Jackrabbit. However, neither of
these approaches is really a "CRUD" log like I assume you're

In the latest trunk (and the unstable 2.5.0 release that should be out
later this week) you can also use the new "audit log" feature as
described in Or you
can consider adding application-level logging for this purpose.


Jukka Zitting