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From "De Georges, Adrien" <Adrien.DeGeor...@experian.com>
Subject RE: RE: Migrate JCR repositories
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 07:20:58 GMT
Thanks a lot Marek.
So I understand, this is not possible to remove the root version of the history. I guess this
is to ensure referential integrity. Because old versions of others node can have a frozen
reference to the stack of the node we want to remove.
And I have another question if you don't mind. In my example we have a node with versions
1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. We remove the version 1.2 as you explained. I think the version 1.3 becomes
1.2. But, what if we restore the Version 1.2 using VersionManager.restore(Version version,
boolean removeExisting).
Thanks for your help.


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Sent: 17 May 2012 09:17
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Subject: Re: RE: Migrate JCR repositories

How to remove version history:

As we remove node which has some version history we take version history first then remove
versioned node and then remove all version history nodes but root node.

        VersionManager versionManager = session.getWorkspace().getVersionManager();
        VersionHistory versionHistory = versionManager.getVersionHistory(node.getPath());
        //Must call session.save to commit remove otherwise removeVersion does not work
            VersionIterator vIt = versionHistory.getAllVersions();
            while (vIt.hasNext()) {
                Version version = vIt.nextVersion();
                if (!"jcr:rootVersion".equals(version.getName())) {
                    //removeVersion writes directly to workspace, no session.save is necessary

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> Od: De Georges, Adrien <Adrien.DeGeorges@experian.com>
> Předmět: RE: Migrate JCR repositories
> Datum: 16.5.2012 11:42:56
> ----------------------------------------
> Guys,
> Does somebody know how to remove nodes from the version history.
> Thanks in advance
> Adrien
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> From: De Georges, Adrien [mailto:Adrien.DeGeorges@experian.com]
> Sent: 10 May 2012 15:55
> To: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
> Subject: Migrate JCR repositories
> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to develop a routine to migrate some nodes in a repository 
> (removing and modifying some properties). But I am pretty sure it is 
> not possible to modify nodes in the version history. Is there existing 
> solution to do so?
> Thanks
> Adrien
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Marek Slama
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