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From Emmanuel Hugonnet <ehsavoi...@gmail.com>
Subject Shell for running instance of Jackrabbit
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 08:55:26 GMT
You might know of CRaSH (http://vietj.github.com/crash/), which is a
new extensible shell for the Java platform.
It has an extension to provide a shell to JCR implementations of eXo
Platform and for Jackrabbit 2.2.x (it might work in a 2.4.x).
It can be run it standalone mode or as a war and can connect to a
running instance of Jackrabbit through RMI or JNDI (but I didn't test
it as a RAR since it is embedded in our EAR).
For some example on how to have a war you can check how we use it at
Silverpeas : https://github.com/Silverpeas/silverpeas-crash.

This give you the commands I use to connect to my instance of Jackrabbit :

% use org.apache.jackrabbit.repository.uri=jndi://;org.apache.jackrabbit.repository.jndi.name=java:jcr/local
% ws login -u SilverAdmin -p SilverAdmin jackrabbit
Connected to workspace jackrabbit
% ls
| +-jcr:primaryType: rep:root


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