We’re using Jackrabbit’s WebDAV layer to access our repository. Works fine so far. Now a customer has asked for a clustered repository setup.


I’ve read the Wiki guide [1] and set up a test installation on two virtual machines, but I get the following behaviour (all through WebDAV):


1)      Create folder A on server 1

2)      Create folder B on server 2

3)      Show a new directory listing on both servers. Both servers show the same content, but both only show one folder (A or B, not both). The other folder seems to be lost.


The last section on the Wiki page (“Concurrent Write Behaviour”) makes me fear that without locking my sessions accordingly, I will simply get unreported data loss like above. I don’t really see a way to enforce locking via WebDAV, especially without losing performance. Since every request creates its own session, as I understand it a user would have to lock each and every resource before performing any kind of write operation.


Can anyone confirm or contradict this? Or perhaps any ideas what I could do?





[1] http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/Clustering


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