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From msl...@email.cz
Subject CacheManager access on JBoss 7
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 12:00:21 GMT

I am using Jakcrabbit 2.2.9 on JBoss 7 with JCA. I get repository/session in my code using:
repository = (Repository) new InitialContext().lookup(config.getJndiName());

This repository is JCARepositoryHandle. I need to get RepositoryImpl so that I can get CacheManeger
but due to class loading in JBoss I cannot use:
        Session session = repository.login(config.getCredentials());
        RepositoryImpl r = (RepositoryImpl) session.getRepository();

because class RepositoryImpl in my code and returned from session are loaded by different
classloader. Is there any way how to access Jackrabbti API/core classes? (I had the same problem
with DataStoreGarbageCollector.) So far I did not find
any solution to this. Or I need some other way how to change CacheManager setting.

If I understand correctly CacheManager limits memory used by all caches and max default is
now 16MB so if I set bundleCacheSize on higher value it has no effect right?



Marek Slama

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