BTW, does someone know why events are actually in the exact reverse order ?
I know the JCR spec states that events could be unordered, but could I rely on the fact that Jackrabbit "reverse order" events ?


Le 07/02/2012 20:51, Ingomar Otter a écrit :
Hi Julian! :-)
In the meantime I did for once study the JCR spec and figured that the EventIterator passed into onEvent() in itself is just a fine event bundle demarcation.
I just reversed the events inside and now I'm good to go.

only needed and present in Journaled observation -- are you using that?
But only because I discovered it too late ;-)


Am 07.02.2012 um 19:16 schrieb Julian Reschke:

On 2012-02-06 21:01, Ingomar Otter wrote:
I am currently building a simple replication between two Jackrabbit instances. I've started off using (synchronous) Observers/Events but I am facing some challenges due to
the (intresting?) event order.
E.g. I add a file (using webdav) I see the following events (in that order):
PROPERTY_ADDED,2@4376:	/Somefile.png/jcr:content/jcr:data
PROPERTY_ADDED,1@4377:	/Somefile.png/jcr:content/jcr:mimeType
PROPERTY_ADDED,7@4378:	/Somefile.png/jcr:content/jcr:primaryType
PROPERTY_ADDED,5@4379:	/Somefile.png/jcr:content/jcr:lastModified
PROPERTY_ADDED,5@4380:	/Somefile.png/jcr:created
NODE_ADDED@4381:			/Somefile.png/jcr:content
PROPERTY_ADDED,1@4382:	/Somefile.png/jcr:createdBy
PROPERTY_ADDED,7@4383:	/Somefile.png/jcr:primaryType
NODE_ADDED@4384			:/Somefile.png

Of course I can not replay the events in that order as some parent nodes may be missing. I could re-order them but then this would at least require some "unit of work" demarcation as I operate on stream of events (and thus need to cluster/chunk) the events.
Is there a reason why the events are emitted in 'reverse' order (I would assume per API the node was created first)?
Is there a way to influence this?

Afaik PERSIST (event bundling) is work-in-progress in unstable, would that be a candidate as Unit-Of-Work marker?
In the meantime I realized that PERSIST events are not in 2.4.0 (but 
probably could be ported), and also that you may not need them; they are 
only needed and present in Journaled observation -- are you using that?

Best regards, Julian


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