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From msl...@email.cz
Subject XPath query performance question
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 12:13:25 GMT

I have following use case:

I have about 2000 company nodes under node companies:

I query for one company by property value - exact match, no wildcards. And result should contain
just one node. For example I use query:


and then one call of NodeIterator.next to get unique (or first as there is no constraint on
uniqueness) result. So there is no big resultset.

Property 'calais' is string type and when set it is unique ie. small number of company nodes
may have this property either empty or missing. Property value can be up to 100chars long
if it can make any difference for index.

When only one thread is running it takes 100-200ms. When 4 threads are running it is about
500ms on average. I used
profiler with sampling to get some profiling data. I seems to be too much provided that number
on nodes is not that high
and it is using Lucene index. Calls of query.execute and nodeIterator.next take both about
the same time.
When I checked thread dumps it uses Lucene index so it does not look like it scans all nodes.

Question: Is there any way how speedup this kind of lookup? The only way I found so far is
to incorporate the most often property used for lookup to node path as session.getNode(path)
is much faster.

I use Jackrabbit 2.2.9 and Postgres 9.1 for saving all data but Lucene index. It runs on JBoss

I searched for Jackrabbit XPath performance but no match for my use case: 
a) exact property match without like/wildcards
b) small resultset - just one result item



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