can you put a println in the jackrabbit code and confirm the expected path when the exception is thrown?

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Date:        21/12/2011 02:45 AM
Subject:        RE: Jackrabbit 2.2.5 - loss of data [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Thanks Ross. It seems like the content is present on the filesystem. I can see the old documents in the repository/datastore folders. But the link between the Jackrabbit metadata (ex: path) and the content seems to be broken. Any reason on why this would happen?

Does Jackrabbit use UUIDs internally to store the metadata and the content itself?


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Subject: Re: Jackrabbit 2.2.5 - loss of data [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

This looks suspiciously like a problem I have had before, where somebody writes a script to delete files that look like temp files, no file extensions, over a month old.  I had one that was deleting classes created at runtime, so each morning there was a good chance of getting classloader errors.

Best of luck.

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Date:        20/12/2011 11:58 AM
Subject:        Jackrabbit 2.2.5 - loss of data

Hi All,

I am running into a serious issue. It seems like I am unable to retrieve documents from Jackrabbit that are more than a month old. I get the following error:

"JCR Action 'Get stream' cannot be performed because the provided path does not exist"

I am running Jackrabbit in standalone mode and also in a clustered environment. I am seeing the same issue on both. When does this happen? Is there a self initiated process that cleans up the data within Jackrabbit? What are the possible resolutions to this?

I would appreciate any help on this.