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From Ingomar Otter <ingomar.ot...@valtech.de>
Subject Re: WebDAV, surpressing XML parsing
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 13:25:47 GMT
Thank you Angela, that did the trick!  :-)
Am 07.12.2011 um 11:53 schrieb Angela Schreiber:

> hi ingomar
> the jackrabbit webdav server allows to configure how new
> resources are mapped to the underlying JCR content structured.
> those are 'importhandler' implementations that are defined
> in the resource config that comes with the servlet.
> by default the complete set of handlers is activated including
> one that extracts zip-files and creates jcr items from the
> elements in an xml file.
> in order to change that behavior by editing the resource config
> and commenting/removing those iohandlers (and property handlers)
> that you don't need.
> if i remember correctly the file to look for is called config.xml
> by default... somewhere in the web.xml and
> org.apache.jackrabbit.server.io.XmlHandler
> was the handler to get rid of.
> hope that helps
> angela
> On 12/7/11 11:41 AM, Ingomar Otter wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I want to use WebDAV to store simple XML-liek document. It seems that through WebDAV,
Jackrabbit actually parses the XML and creates
>> a JCR node structure out of the XML. Although this may be fine in some applications,
I am looking for a simple "store the file" behaviour.
>> On top of that, storing seems to fail if an invalid XML document is POSTed to the
WebDAV servlet. How can I surpress this behaviour?
>> I've tried different content-types for no avail.
>> I've tried to locate the parts in question in the source but as I am new to Jackrabbit
I couldn't locate it.
>> Hints appreciated.
>> -- Ingomar

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