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From Markus Joschko <markus.josc...@gmail.com>
Subject ACLs, GlobPattern and move
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 20:12:00 GMT
I currently try to see how far I can get with the ACL handling of Jackrabbit.
Especially the GlobPattern restrictions as they might give us the
flexibility we need (property based security).

During my tests I came across a behavior that I don't understand.
Let's say there are two nodes:


The policy (Resourcebased not Pathbased) assigned to /test1 has two
entries with the following restrictions (GlobPattern):

           Path   | Restr
Entry1: /test1 |   ""
Entry2: /test1 |  "/sub*"

Everything is fine with this, I can read no properties of /test1 but
can navigate to the sub node and see all properties there.

However if I move /test1 to /test2, I can't see any node at all.
That's because /test1 is still the path in the ACL entries
With resource based entries I would have expected, that the path is
updated on move, because it surely makes no sense to have an
entry with the path /test1 in a node /test2.

Should GlobPattern be used at all with Resourcebased Policies? And if
yes, how should the move operation be dealt with?


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