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From Francisco Carriedo Scher <fcarrie...@gmail.com>
Subject JR - Load Balancing & Fault Tolerance
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 12:50:31 GMT
Hi there,

i have been checking the Wiki section about clustering and users' mailing
listthe  as well. I am missing some info about what clustering Jackrabbit
will provide and what not.

It will provide _fault tolerance_ through journaling but, is this feature
really mature? I read that there are issues regarding to de-synchronisation
between journaling and file datastore state, too frequent sync delay causes
issues too, it is needed to fine tune the configuration enlarging cache

It will _not_ provide built in load balancing so, the only option i see so
far is to access Jackrabbit through Webdav and use Apache webserver to
balance the requests along all the clustered nodes. Again, is this the best
way and are there any critical issues that i must consider?

Since the distribution of the machines will be total (different machines in
geographically separated places) i consider that accessing the repository
via Webdav is the best option. Is there any increase in traffic when
transferring files? I.e.: transferring a 30MB file results exactly in 30MB
of traffic? Anyway i will perform my own tests regarding this issue and as
soon as i have results i will let everybody know.

The volume of traffic that each repository should support will be within 10k
to 100k users simultaneously range and, mainly, the transfer will consist on
binary files within 100KB to 30MB and some (2  to 10) properties for each of
them. Will Jackrabbit support such a heavy load if clustering goes ok?

Thank you so much for the attention!

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