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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Authentication, authorization and Jackrabbit
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 09:49:26 GMT

> - SimpleSecurityManager (specified in repository.xml)<=>  SecurityManager
> specified by the *-Djava.security.manager *. Not relevant so far for
> authentication, isn't it?

yes, it might be relevant depending on the rest of the configuration
as the simplesecuritymanager defines a default entry in the principal
provider registry. that one takes effect if you don't specify one with
your login module configuration.

> - security.xml<=>  *-Djava.security.policy==/path/to/sampleazn.policy* . The
> policy is specified in security.xml file. By the way, i did not find any
> link to security.xml syntax nor samples are provided with Jackrabbit
> distributions, any useful link?

afaik this has nothing to to with jackrabbit's default access
control mechanisms which secures on the jcr items present in the
repository and the operations executed on them. this rather originates 
from java security functionality which operates on java code itself.

> - SimpleLoginModule (specified in repository.xml and *always return true*,
> regardless what parameters it gets)<=>  *

this was the original jackrabbit setup before we had the complete 
security functionality which was added for JCR 2.0. that's not
meant to be used in a productive environment.

> -Djava.security.auth.login.config==/path/to/sample_jaas.config* pointing to
> SampleLoginModule (a custom class provided in the JAAS tutorial which
> performs a very simple authentication which checks if the given username and
> password correspond to fixed strings).

you will either have JAAS or the 'local' loginmodule configuration
present in the repository.xml. if both a present the local config
takes precedence (if i remember correctly).

> - AccessManager (specified in repository.xml): not relevant so far for
> authentication, isn't it?


> So, having the sources from Jackrabbit downloaded and checking what happens
> using Eclipse debugger i would say that i must implement my own
> "SimpleLoginModule" with my own logic to determine whether authentication
> succeeds or not (looking for username and password in a database, for
> example).

right... you may also take a look at defaultloginmodule which is
slightly more sophisticated and better suited for real-world usage.
instead of looking for users in the database it uses jackrabbit
user management API to access/validate users.

> Then specify it in repository.xml file for Jackrabbit to use it.
> Would my guess be correct? Would be the procedure i described the most
> convenient way to catch every authentication try  (when getting the
> repository via webdav, rmi, jndi or accessing the contents through HTTP)

i doesn't matter how you access the repository. the authentication
mechanisms interally used by the repository should not be affected
by the way to access the repo... all of the ways you mention will
end in call to Repository.login(Credentials creds, String workspace)/

hope that helps

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