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From KÖLL Claus <C.KO...@TIROL.GV.AT>
Subject AW: Disable basic authentication for HTTP use
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 11:32:50 GMT

Take a look into the web.xml in the standalone dist.
You can configure a missing-auth-mapping Param for the WebDav Servlet.

                Defines how a missing authorization header should be handled.
                1) If this init-param is missing, a 401 response is generated.
                   This is suiteable for clients (eg. webdav clients) for which
                   sending a proper authorization header is not possible if the
                   server never sent a 401.
                2) If this init-param is present with an empty value,
                   null-credentials are returned, thus forcing an null login
                   on the repository.
                3) If this init-param is present with the value 'guestcredentials'
                   java.jcr.GuestCredentials are used to login to the repository.
                4) If this init-param has a 'user:password' value, the respective
                   simple credentials are generated.


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