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From "Mark Herman" <MHer...@NBME.org>
Subject RE: SQL2 (via davex)
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 21:58:40 GMT
I've been using this[1] as a reference and it helps a lot.  I think it
indirectly answers your question.

In the fourth block of "code" in 8.4.29 they show you how selecting by
resource includes it's node type's properties, and those of any ancestors or
mixin's.  Those types of properties seem to work as expected in selecting and
ordering, but "magic" ones like jcr:path that aren't really properties seem
to not be implemented.  I'm not even sure that the JCR2.0 spec requires it to
work. If [jcr:path] was working I'd imagine that PATH() would work too.


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On 09.08.2011, at 23:28, Mark Herman wrote:

> I'm just learning myself so I figured I'd take a crack at it.  It appears
> that PATH() isn't implemented, so I went more along the lines of your 2nd

yeah its odd that PATH) isnt implemented, but more importantly why can't I
even index jcr:path?

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