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From Dennis van der Laan <d.g.van.der.l...@rug.nl>
Subject Re: Lucene consistency in clustered environment
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 13:16:12 GMT
Ian, others,

As with many 'bugs' that have a workaround, this bug has been lying
around for about a year now. We still have the problem that the
cluster-nodes have different lucene indexes. At first, we thought this
happened over time. Recently we made a copy of our production database
and used it with 4 new cluster nodes (we cleared the journal table and
the local revisions table, first). We started them all, completely
clean, at which point all nodes started to build the lucene index.
Without making any changes to the contents, we see different results for
jackrabbit search queries on these 4 cluster nodes. So it seems the
lucene indexes might differ more over time, but could differ right from
the start.

Does anybody have a clue how this could happen? Are we missing something?


On 29-9-2010 12:37, Ian Boston wrote:
> On 29 Sep 2010, at 11:33, Dennis van der Laan wrote:
>> From your reply I
>> understand that this should not be the case with Lucene, is it?
> Every JournalRecord should have been replayed on every machine (at some time later if
the JVM was down). That *should* ensure that all documents are indexed on all machines. 
> Sounds like this is not happening in your environment.
> Ian

Dennis van der Laan, MSc
Centre for Information Technology
University of Groningen

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