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From Lukas Kahwe Smith <...@pooteeweet.org>
Subject Re: SQL2 (via davex)
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 15:20:31 GMT

On 09.08.2011, at 16:17, Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:

> Hi,
> I am undergoing some frustrations with SQL2, which hopefully someone on this list can
> I have a structure like follows
> /issues
> /issues/2011
> /issues/2011/08
> /issues/2011/08/09
> /issues/2011/08/09/foo
> /issues/2011/08/09/bar
> /issues/2011/08/02
> /issues/2011/08/02/foo
> /issues/2011/08/02/bar
> now I am trying to get a list of all the "dates"
> aka fetch all nodes that match LIKE '/issues/____/__/__' (not sure if underscore is supported
in SQL)
> I tried two approaches.
> The first the obvious one just trying to match the PATH (note for now I hardcoded the
2011 and 08 but eventually I would want those to be place holders):
> HTTP 400: Query:
> SELECT * FROM [nt:unstructured] WHERE PATH()(*)LIKE '/issue/2011/08/%'; expected: LENGTH,
> Passing  [nt:unstructured] to PATH() doesnt help. Nor does using jcr:path.
> The other approach I tried was finding the node by matching the child nodes aka (/issues/2011/08/09/*)
using an INNER JOIN ON ISDECENDENTNODE() but that either got me no matches or a 403. Not sure
if I am getting the 403 if there are too many matches because if I remove certain conditions
the 403 happend if I left all relevant conditions in I got no result. But without the join
just looking without filters I get results, so I was pretty certain my queries worked.
> Any tipps? I am also wondering if there are any tools that can help debug the internals
of whats going on inside Jackrabbit when sending SQL2 queries via davex.

BTW trying to ORDER BY jcr:path also does not seem to have any effect.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

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