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From ChadDavis <chadmichaelda...@gmail.com>
Subject ACL and Version Control
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 20:12:14 GMT
I'm using ACL's to control access to subtrees.  This works great, but
I noticed that now my version control stuff fails because it doesn't
have the proper access.  I can get this to work, but I can't really
decide what the best way of addressing this is.

1) when I create my Jackrabbit users ( I'm using the jackrabbit user
management extensions ), their content subtrees and the associated
ACL's, I could attempt to also attach an ACL for that user to the
version control tree.  This, however, strikes me as a bit odd, and
perhaps unwieldy.


2) I can simply user a repo-wide admin user, who has access to
everything, do these actions.

How do other folks handle this?  Thoughts?

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