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From Ati Rosselet <ati.rosse...@gmail.com>
Subject problems with JCR-SQL2/QOM...
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2011 21:04:14 GMT
basically we have a repo as follows


where all are nt:unstructured.
we want to do a fulltext search on entry/files for a given text, but
the results we are getting seem really weird.. and slow..
what we need is to get  all ENTRY elements where either the entry, or
a file's properties match the fulltext search string...

tried this:
"SELECT entrySelector.* FROM [nt:unstructured] AS entrySelector RIGHT
INNER JOIN [nt:unstructured] AS fileSelector ON
ISCHILDNODE(entrySelector, fileSelector) WHERE entrySelector.schemaId
IS NOT NULL AND fileSelector.mediaType IS NOT NULL AND
(CONTAINS(entrySelector.*, 'manning') OR CONTAINS(fileSelector.*,

and I keep on getting nothing..or  file nodes..
can anyone give me a hint on how to do this?  the 2 IS NOT NULL
constraints are  attempts to limit it to our nodes only.

I can do it like this:
"SELECT * FROM [nt:unstructured] AS entrySelector WHERE
CONTAINS(entrySelector.*, 'wick* -jar')" and then from the nodetype
either get the parent if a file is returned, or the child if the
"unversioned" node is returned but this won't work for more complex

such as :
has properties X,Y,Z and ENTRY has properties AA,BB, and ENTRY matches
fulltext or has FILE(child) nodes matching fulltextsearch...
any hints ?  please? pretty please?   and we're stuck with SQL2/QOM a
the moment (although if someone can describe the proper syntax for
xpath/sql, I'd implement that.. I just have to get this working :(


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