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From "Asmann, Roland" <Roland.Asm...@adesso.at>
Subject Problem with XPath
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 16:28:48 GMT

I am new to the list, so please excuse me if this has already been asked 
(couldn't find it though, but maybe I just missed it).

I am having some problems when querying the repository with XPath. I 
have a property that is multi-value and I want to use the 'jcr:contains' 
function on it.
My query looks like this:

//content/documents/svportal//*[@hippo:availability = ''live'' and 
jcr:contains(@svportal:changes, ''{0}'')]

In this query I let MessageFormat replace the placeholder with the 
actual String I want to search.

For some reason, I don't get a value here, although I am sure there is 
data in the property.

A similar query (although on a single-value property) works:

//content/documents/svportal//*[@hippo:availability = ''live'' and 
jcr:contains(@svportal:version, ''{0}'')]

Am I making a mistake here or is this functionality not available in 


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