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From "Furst, Carl" <Carl.Fu...@mlb.com>
Subject RE: CndImporter
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 15:53:14 GMT

Thanks for the reply.

I too noticed that I would have to manually update the custom_nodetype.xml
in the workspace directory. It would seem there's nothing yet to manipulate
the type registry programmatically..

This, however, is probably right,  because if you have a repository that has
already been created and has content based on a pre-existing custom node
type, how do you adapt the content to node type changes? The type and the
content are tightly coupled (in most cases). Too tight, perhaps, to allow
for a programmatic change to custom node types to be allowed. 

Perhaps, the only programmatic solution is then to move to a new workspace,
with new types, import and then delete the old one.


Carl Furst
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MLB Advanced Media
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you can update the type definition, but only adding new stuff, never
removing (or renaming) any properties. and you can't delete a node type
once you have registered it.
i think this is a bit surprising, but it means you have to make sure you
test your stuff very well before you apply a cnd to a production system.
the only way we found to get rid of a custom node type was to completely
delete the jackrabbit folder.


Am 17.06.2011 22:25, schrieb Furst, Carl:
> Does anyone know if custom nodetype can be changed once created? If I
> my node type definition CND file, how do I apply it to a repository?
> Thanks, 
> Carl Furst
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