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From Mathieu Baudier <mbaud...@argeo.org>
Subject Custom Binary property
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 13:36:14 GMT

is it possible to define custom implementations of a Binary property ?

I'm working on a repository which will index and reference files. Some
will be stored as regular Binary properties, but most will actually be
URL referencing either files or remote resources.
(in many case we need to store the data on the file system because
third party tools expect them there).

The nt:file / jcr:content abstractions fit quite well with that kind
of approach (since I can implement custom jcr:content instead of
nt:resource), but ideally I would like to use only the JCR API and
hide the fact that the actual is not stored in the repository.

Ideally I would have a Binary implementation that would retrieve the
URL from another property of the node and give access to the bytes,
wherever they actually are.

My current understanding is that it is not possible and that the
recommend way is rather to have an application layer on top of the
repository dealing with that.
This is just that I would have been happy to have WebDav and DavEx
access working "out of the box".

Thanks in advance for your comments or best practices on how to
address such requirements!


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