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From David Buchmann <david.buchm...@liip.ch>
Subject Re: Adding nodes with references within a single transaction via webdav
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 07:45:58 GMT
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@johannes: actually we use a_, not b_  :-)
we have a php layer that talks directly to the spi backend.

@angela: how does jackrabbit-core make the node referenceable
immediatly? does it create a temporary uuid? or is there a way to set
the uuid through spi, so that we could generate the uuid in the client?
(when importing a system view dump, this seems to be possible...)


Am 14.06.2011 10:34, schrieb Johannes Stark:
> Hi Angela,
> we are using the Jackrabbit Standalone Server and access it via WebDav. So it's case
> Well what we do is to rebuild the JCR API in PHP. We have a PHP session that simulates
the JCR session. All changes made are cached by the PHP session. On $session->save() all
changes are written to Jackrabbit via webdav. It's working great unless for references to
new nodes within a session due to the unavailability of uuids. So our thought for the proceeding
within PHP was the following:
> - start a PHP session
> - begin transaction
> - do some work in the PHP cache like adding nodes and properties (unless properties containing
> - save session (write everything to Jackrabbit, uuids of new referencable nodes should
be available after that)
> - create all references in the PHP cache 
> - save session again (write references to Jackrabbit)
> - commit transaction
> We would like to do it this way because that would give us the ability to do a rollback
in case of an error during all the writing.
> So I would be great if uuids of new referenceable nodes would be available immediately
after they were created via webdav within a transaction.
> Kind regards,
> Johannes
> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>> Datum: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 10:27:31 +0200
>> Von: Angela Schreiber <anchela@adobe.com>
>> An: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
>> Betreff: Re: Adding nodes with references within a single transaction via webdav
>> hi johannes
>> the subject "Adding nodes with references within a single transaction 
>> via webdav" somehow leaves me uncertain if i understand your issue.
>> a_ are you taking about a jcr2spi repository?
>> b_ or are you talking about the webdav server implementation?
>>> What we definitely need for our CMF are references between JCR nodes.
>> E.g. you would like to assign pages to menu items or you would like to have a
>> picture on several pages and so on.
>>> But one big problem for us is that you are not able to reference a node
>> until it is persisted. We also had a look at transactions: same issue.
>> Referenceable nodes will get their uuid not before the transaction is
>> committed. So we are not able to persist two or more content items with references
>> to each other within the same transaction. Well this behavior is totally in
>> accordance to the spec.
>> in case of a_:
>> that's correct. node are only referenceable once the jcr:uuid property
>> has been persisted. the reason for this is that the final nature of the
>> uuid is defined by the backend and there is little jcr2spi can do about
>> this (except if there was an explicit call to the spi-implementation to
>> generate the uuid which would as well generated some extra round trips).
>> in case of b_:
>> i think that should be possible as the underlying jcr implementation is
>> a jackrabbit-core which makes a node referenceable immediately.
>> kind regards
>> angela

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