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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Adding nodes with references within a single transaction via webdav
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 08:27:31 GMT
hi johannes

the subject "Adding nodes with references within a single transaction 
via webdav" somehow leaves me uncertain if i understand your issue.

a_ are you taking about a jcr2spi repository?
b_ or are you talking about the webdav server implementation?

> What we definitely need for our CMF are references between JCR nodes. E.g. you would
like to assign pages to menu items or you would like to have a picture on several pages and
so on.
> But one big problem for us is that you are not able to reference a node until it is persisted.
We also had a look at transactions: same issue. Referenceable nodes will get their uuid not
before the transaction is committed. So we are not able to persist two or more content items
with references to each other within the same transaction. Well this behavior is totally in
accordance to the spec.

in case of a_:

that's correct. node are only referenceable once the jcr:uuid property
has been persisted. the reason for this is that the final nature of the
uuid is defined by the backend and there is little jcr2spi can do about
this (except if there was an explicit call to the spi-implementation to
generate the uuid which would as well generated some extra round trips).

in case of b_:
i think that should be possible as the underlying jcr implementation is
a jackrabbit-core which makes a node referenceable immediately.

kind regards

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