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From Charles Brooking <public+jackrab...@charlie.brooking.id.au>
Subject Re: Being an Admin how to check user permission
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 15:34:19 GMT
On 05/06/11 20:46, husbas wrote:
> Being logged in a Admin, how can I check whether a user has access to a node
> or not? something like
> session.hasPermissions(String nodePath, String actions, String asUser);

This is a good question.

I achieved this a while ago - with Jackrabbit 1.5, in 2009 - by creating 
a CustomAccessPolicy class with domain/application-specific methods like 
canReadProject(String path), canCreateGroup(), etc. This class tested 
each permission using javax.jcr.Session.checkPermission(String path, 
String actions) for a user-specific session object instantiated for each 

In Jackrabbit 1.5 at least, you would write your own AccessManager by 
implementing org.apache.jackrabbit.core.security.AccessManager. In my 
case, this access manager looked at ordinary nodes/properties in the 
workspace to decide permissions (eg checking whether 
/users/joe.getUUID() in /projects/abc/@readers.getValues()).

My understanding is that there's some new, "native" support for users 
and access management in JCR/Jackrabbit 2, so others on the list can 
probably offer updated advice.


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