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From Hassan <hassan.ism...@hicxsolutions.com>
Subject multi-selector OR constraints in join queries does not work when free text contraints are used
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 20:34:59 GMT

Although 2.2.7 fixes the "Unsupported" exception when using multi-selector OR constraints,
it seems to return wrong results when using free text search constraints for both selectors.
The query seems to return ALL nodes.

Example Query:
elect c.* from [internal:content]  as c   inner  JOIN [nt:resource] as b  ON isdescendantnode(b,c)
 where  (  
CONTAINS(b.*, 'message*')  or  CONTAINS(c.*, 'message*') 

Note: the query above used to give an "Unsupported" exception  in 2.2.5

Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong?


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