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From Tom Anderson <t...@urchin.earth.li>
Subject Re: New to JCR (again) and mildly baffled by workspaces
Date Sat, 14 May 2011 13:08:55 GMT
On Wed, 11 May 2011, Serge Huber wrote:

> Actually I wonder if a better metaphor wouldn't be a local working copy 
> for a workspace :)

I think that's true. The version history is global, so that's like the 
source control system. The workspaces are separate, and can contribute to 
the history with VersionManager.checkin, and draw on it with, er, 
VersionManager.restore? So they're like local working copies.

It is possible to move changes directly between workspaces using 
clone/update/merge, which is a bit like sending and applying patches. With 
classical (pre-DVCS) source control, we strongly prefer checking in and 
checking out to the use of patches. Is there any preferred mode of working 
in JCR? Or does it depend entirely on what one's goals are?


> On 9 mai 2011, at 20:28, Tom Anderson wrote:
>> On Mon, 9 May 2011, David Buchmann wrote:
>>> i think for your usecase you want to look into the clone and copy methods that
allow to copy nodes between workspaces. clone has the nice effekt of keeping the ids intact,
so you should be able to map the changes from a new revision of your content back into your
master workspace (master branch).
>> Okay, thanks. I have started trying this, but with no success so far. Admittedly,
i have jumped ahead of myself, and am trying to use an activity, rather than simply cloning
nodes. I'll go back and try that.
>> tom
>>> Am 08.05.2011 18:32, schrieb Tom Anderson:
>>>> The job i'd like to use JCR for is something fairly simple. It would be management
of an e-commerce product catalog - categories, products, SKUs, supporting media and so on.
There would be a small merchandising team editing this data. The model i have is that the
repository holds the master version of this information; when the team wants to do some work
(adding a new category of products, say), they would create a new working copy of it, do their
editing, over the course of days or weeks, and when it was ready, fold it back into the master
copy. There could be several such bits of work in progress at once. Should i be thinking in
terms of having a workspace for the master copy, and a workspace for each bit of work? A workspace
for each bit of work with no master workspace? A single workspace, active in multiple sessions,
using versioning to separate bits of work? Some combination of the above?
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