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From Tom Anderson <t...@urchin.earth.li>
Subject Re: New to JCR (again) and mildly baffled by workspaces
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 18:28:23 GMT
On Mon, 9 May 2011, David Buchmann wrote:

> i think for your usecase you want to look into the clone and copy 
> methods that allow to copy nodes between workspaces. clone has the nice 
> effekt of keeping the ids intact, so you should be able to map the 
> changes from a new revision of your content back into your master 
> workspace (master branch).

Okay, thanks. I have started trying this, but with no success so far. 
Admittedly, i have jumped ahead of myself, and am trying to use an 
activity, rather than simply cloning nodes. I'll go back and try that.


> Am 08.05.2011 18:32, schrieb Tom Anderson:
>> The job i'd like to use JCR for is something fairly simple. It would be 
>> management of an e-commerce product catalog - categories, products, 
>> SKUs, supporting media and so on. There would be a small merchandising 
>> team editing this data. The model i have is that the repository holds 
>> the master version of this information; when the team wants to do some 
>> work (adding a new category of products, say), they would create a new 
>> working copy of it, do their editing, over the course of days or weeks, 
>> and when it was ready, fold it back into the master copy. There could 
>> be several such bits of work in progress at once. Should i be thinking 
>> in terms of having a workspace for the master copy, and a workspace for 
>> each bit of work? A workspace for each bit of work with no master 
>> workspace? A single workspace, active in multiple sessions, using 
>> versioning to separate bits of work? Some combination of the above?

Initial thoughts - who cares? Subsequent thoughts - omg!!! (Female, 14,
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