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From Tom Anderson <t...@urchin.earth.li>
Subject Re: New to JCR (again) and mildly baffled by workspaces
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 18:26:40 GMT
On Sun, 8 May 2011, Justin Edelson wrote:

> On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 12:32 PM, Tom Anderson <twic@urchin.earth.li> wrote:
>> The job i'd like to use JCR for is something fairly simple. It would be 
>> management of an e-commerce product catalog - categories, products, 
>> SKUs, supporting media and so on. There would be a small merchandising 
>> team editing this data. The model i have is that the repository holds 
>> the master version of this information; when the team wants to do some 
>> work (adding a new category of products, say), they would create a new 
>> working copy of it, do their editing, over the course of days or weeks, 
>> and when it was ready, fold it back into the master copy. There could 
>> be several such bits of work in progress at once. Should i be thinking 
>> in terms of having a workspace for the master copy, and a workspace for 
>> each bit of work? A workspace for each bit of work with no master 
>> workspace? A single workspace, active in multiple sessions, using 
>> versioning to separate bits of work? Some combination of the above?
> I'd tend to think of this as a single workspaces on multiple repository 
> instances and using an external "publish" process to move content 
> updates from the content development instance to the content display 
> instance

Okay, that's an interesting idea. In my problem, new 'bits of work' would 
come into existence every day or so, and live for days or weeks. That 
means i would need to create new repositories that frequently, right?

I'm interested in doing this stuff inside a web application. If i used the 
'model 2' shared J2EE resource approach, with the resource adaptor version 
of Jackrabbit, i think i need to define each repository in the container's 
configuration. That seems like a bit of a showstopper.

If i was able to get the multiple repositories created and accessible, is 
there any particular means for moving content between them? Is publishing, 
or export and import, part of the JCR spec, or something Jackrabbit adds, 
or would i have to implement it from scratch? I've seen references to an 
export format in the spec; when you import from it, does it replace 
existing content, or update it?


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