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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: jcr remoting
Date Tue, 24 May 2011 09:52:52 GMT
hi david

> when using the jcr api over the jackrabbit remoting implementation, is
> there a way to control the depth to fetch all node children from the
> backend?
> http://jackrabbit.apache.org/api/2.1/org/apache/jackrabbit/server/remoting/davex/JcrRemotingServlet.html#bread

if i remember correctly there a 2 ways of manipulating the batch-reading:

- specify a BatchRead config with the server sided servlet (in this
   case the server defines what's most favorable for the client).

- specify a BatchRead configuration with the creation of the spi2dav

> i guess the jcr api does not offer anything? how do i make it happen

no... that's not part of the jcr api (nor part of the jcr extensions
in jackrabbit) as this is merely an configuration of at the spi level.

> with jackrabbit? can i still use the jcr api to fetch nodes or do i need
> to write code totally specific to jackrabbit?

sure... it's all about using the jcr api... the configuration is
rather to have a more specific behavior on the spi layer in order
to optimize the traffic.


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