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From Markus Joschko <markus.josc...@gmail.com>
Subject How to mix structured and unstructured content on a node?
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 11:13:38 GMT
I have a node that should mix free and and fixed properties.
For that purpose I created the following nodetype (leaving out the namespace):

[Contact]  >  nt:unstructured, mix:created, mix:lastModified
   - primaryContactDetails (weakreference)

[Individual] > Contact

When I create a node of type Individual and set the
primaryContactDetails property to another referencable node,  it gets
the typ "reference".
Asked for its required type the property returns "undefined" and as
the DeclaringNodeType it returns "nt:unstructured".

When I remove "nt:unstructured" from the inheritance list, I get the
desired "weakreference" and Contact as DeclaringNodeType.

Obviously "nt:unstructure" takes precedence over the defined
properties. Is there an other way to combine defined and undefined
properties in a node?

I currently use jackrabbit 2.1.1


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