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From "De Georges, Adrien" <Adrien.DeGeor...@experian.com>
Subject [USERs-JACKRABBIT] Problem using OPV ignore on versioned node
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:57:37 GMT
Hi everyone,


I am a new user of this mailing list.

I am working on a project where JackRabbit 2.2.1 is used.

Recently I add a problem with versionable nodes and I can't find a
solution to fix it.

I have a node which is checked-in (jcr:checkOut is false). I want to add
a property without incrementing the version of the parent node (without

I saw in the JCR specification (jsr-283 page 299) that during a checkin


If a node X becomes read-only then: 

*         For every permissible property P of X where the property
definition applying to P has an OPV other than IGNORE, P cannot be
added, removed or have its value changed. 

*         ...


So I tried to use the OPV attribute defining my node type.

Here is an extract of my cnd file.


//The base object type : versionable and with a non versionable property

[exp:baseObject] > exp:versionablecontent

- ownerGuid (string) = 'test' mandatory autocreated ignore


This property is well created with the default value 'test' and the
on-parent-version is set to 5 (I think it is the IGNORE value). But when
I try to modify this property (setProperty) a VersionException is
triggered (because the node is checked in).

Does somebody has any idea to fix my problem, please?

Thanks in advance 

Best regards.



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