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From Vidar Ramdal <vi...@idium.no>
Subject Running consistency fix on a cluster
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 11:45:39 GMT
We're using o.a.j.c.p.bundle.MySqlPersistenceManager in a cluster. Is
it safe to run consistencyFix on one of the nodes?
Reading http://dev.day.com/content/docs/en/crx/2-0/administering/persistence_managers.html#Consistency%20Checking%20and%20Fixing

"Caution: When running a consistency fix in a clustered environment,
only run it on one cluster node or the consistency check/fix will not
update the cache on the other cluster nodes. Do not start other
cluster nodes while the consistency fix is running. After the
consistency fix is finished, the other cluster nodes can be started."

Does this mean that it is safe to run consistencyFix on one of the
nodes, and keep the other nodes running, as long as we don't START new

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