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From Rakesh Vidyadharan <rak...@sptci.com>
Subject Re: organizations using Jackrabbit in production environment
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 23:19:06 GMT

On 14 Mar 2011, at 15:10, kazim_ssuet@yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi,
> Are there any organizations/companies that use jackrabbit as their
> production content management system? Can somebody name a few? and how many
> files might there be in their system?
> And which approach is better db blob storage or file system storage and what
> are the pros/cons of each?
> Thanks,
> KS.

http://press.uchicago.edu/ - Built using Magnolia 4.4.2 which uses JackRabbit 1.6.4 as the
data store.

We are using the file system blob store.  The blob store tends to create a ton of directories
which makes file system backup/restore quite slow.  I believe the partitioning scheme used
assumes millions of files, which does not behave well for smaller size repositories.  For
instance, we have only about 15K files in our system, and for the most part each file ends
up two levels deep in a directory structure with no other files at that same level.  In other
words, for each file there are two extra directories in addition to the file itself.  Hopefully,
JR will introduce some sort of configuration that would control the directory partitioning
scheme they use.

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