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From Mathieu Baudier <mbaud...@argeo.org>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit dependencies
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2011 06:12:49 GMT
> We're quickly getting at diminishing returns here. The rome jar adds only
> about 1% to the size of the jackrabbit-webapp.

As others have pointed out, size is not the only problem.

We are packaging Jackrabbit as an OSGi bundle, with all dependencies
being OSGi bundles as well (we don't user Bundle-Classpath and
embedded jars).

When moving from 1.6 to 2.2, the biggest pain was to repackage all the
new dependencies as OSGi bundles (Jackrabbit itself is very
straightforward), some of them being not so well known and thus not in
public OSGi repositories such as the Spring Source one.

In our case what would really be useful would be a list of the
dependencies and a quick description of which feature each one allows
(we need to bypass the maven dependencies anyhow).

For example, I would probably not have bothered to repackage rome if I
would have known a bit more precisely what it was for (I saw it was
for RSS, but didn't want to play with fire by removing it)

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