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From Erik Froese <e...@hallwaytech.com>
Subject Re: Indexing in a separate thread on startup
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 00:33:27 GMT
Hey Alex,

Thanks for the clarification. I'm not sure how to copy the indexes in
there since Jackrabbit seems to not like the fact that the workspace
folder already exists. It prevents the rest of the application from
coming up.

The culprit is org.apache.jackrabbit.core.config.RepositoryConfig on
line ~712 (Jackrabbit 2.1.3).

I need to copy in the indexes for the default workspace in
jackrabbit/workspaces/default/index/ as well as in
jackrabbit/repository/index. I can't do that unless the directory
exists, which means jackrabbit must have come up already to create it.


On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 11:59 AM, Alexander Klimetschek
<aklimets@adobe.com> wrote:
> On 14.02.11 16:47, "Erik Froese" <erik@hallwaytech.com> wrote:
>>Is there a way to configure the Lucene that comes with Jackrabbit so
>>that it creates the initial indexes in a separate thread when starting
> AFAIK no. I think this is because the JCR spec requires that the index for
> queries is up-to-date upon a save() (and thus also on restart).
> But if the repository is empty, this should be very quick. If you start
> with a copy of an existing (larger) repository, you can copy the search
> index as well, so the lucene index isn't recreated from the repo upon
> start.
>>I tried copying the index files from install to install but jackrabbit
>>complains that the default workspace directory exists already.
>>14.02.2011 10:46:05.964 *ERROR* [Repository Pinger]
>>org.apache.sling.jcr.jackrabbit.server acquireRepository: Repository
>>problem starting repository from
>>file:/PATH/TO/sling/jackrabbit/repository.xml in
>>(org.apache.jackrabbit.core.config.ConfigurationException: Workspace
>>directory already exists: default)
>>org.apache.jackrabbit.core.config.ConfigurationException: Workspace
>>directory already exists: default
> I don't know how this issue comes up, but copying over should be possible.
> Regards,
> Alex
> --
> Alexander Klimetschek
> Developer // Adobe (Day) // Berlin - Basel

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