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From Alejandro Gomez <alejandro.go...@gmail.com>
Subject Jackrabbit and multithread access to nodes | design motivations | jcr2
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 15:19:36 GMT

I've been working with jackrabbit (2.x.x) more than a year, and some
questions arised when I faced the multithreading aspects of

I've found issues trying to add nodes (on different threads)  that are
children of a same parent.

I've found issues trying to modify a node from concurrent sessions on
different threads.

And after all, I did read a LOT of mailing lists archives, and I found
that some people encourage to implement explicit locking methods.

My question is: What are the design/architecture motivations behind
this behavior? Is that related with some JCR 2 spec item? What would
be the "best practices" if any?

I would LOVE if some of the core developers answer to this topic.

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Alejandro Gomez

Lo que creas de los demás estará signado por lo que creas de ti mismo,
y del mismo modo los hechos de tu vida.

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