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From Jukka Zitting <jzitt...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit dependencies
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 17:16:23 GMT

On 02/03/2011 12:10 PM, Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 11:54 AM, Jukka Zitting<jzitting@adobe.com>
> wrote:
>> What do you think of the idea of moving the tika-parsers dependency
>> from jackrabbit-core to the deployment packages like
>> jackrabbit-webapp and jackrabbit-jca? Tika is intentionally split
>> into tika-core and tika-parsers to allow such a setup.
> yes, that's probably a good idea.

I filed JCR-2885 for this. We can do it for Jackrabbit 2.3.

> however, i stil think it would be worthwhile getting rid of
> unnecessary (transitive) dependencies and making sensible decisions
> when adding new dependencies.

Makes sense. For now we've mostly simply imported everything included in 
Tika as I've considered the extra weight not too big a price for the 
added functionality (even if minimal). But you (and others) are right in 
that especially as Tika expands to cover more niche formats we should 
start being more picky in what we want to support in Jackrabbit. People 
who need support for the more exotic formats can always add the required 
libraries individually to their deployments.

Jukka Zitting

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