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From Pedro Saraiva <psara...@maisis.pt>
Subject EventListener on webdav
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 12:06:01 GMT

I'm new to jackrabbit and I trying to set an event listener on webdav.

So far I've done this:

ObservationManagerImpl observationManager = ( ObservationManagerImpl )

observationManager.addEventListener( new EventListener(),
                                                  Event.NODE_ADDED |
                                                  Event.NODE_MOVED |
session.getRootNode().getPath(), true, null, null, false );

With this code I get events when I execute webdav methods but the 
information I get is very generic. It's possible for example to get the 
webdav method that triggered the event? I can see that in the 
jackrabbit's javadoc there's a API for webdav observation but I don't 
know where to start. Please advice.

Kind regards,

Pedro Saraiva

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