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From Mark Phillips <mark.phill...@mophilly.com>
Subject $catalina_base
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 19:21:05 GMT
I have installed jackrabbit in Tomcat 6 running on osx server 10.6.5.

I open the jackrabbit home page using the link in tomcat manager for jackrabbit. The jackrabbit
page displays with the advise the repository is not set up. When I enter a name, e.g. JB_dev,
the error "repository home directory or configuration already exists" is raised.

In the catalina.out log is the following:

07.01.2011 10:48:40 *INFO * Installer: Creating new repository home 'JB_dev' (Installer.java,
line 149)
07.01.2011 10:48:40 *INFO * Installer: Creating new repository config: JB_dev/repository.xml
(Installer.java, line 184)
07.01.2011 10:48:40 *ERROR* Installer: Error while installing new repository config 'JB_dev/repository.xml':
java.io.FileNotFoundException: JB_dev/repository.xml (No such file or directory) (Installer.java,
line 155)

Is the error the result of $catalina_base defaulting to $catalina_home? 

 - Mark
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