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From Gary Long <l...@magillem.com>
Subject Jacrabbit or relationnal database ?
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:10:29 GMT
Hi :)

I would like to ask your opinion about using JCR or a XML database like 
Oracle Berkeley DB in my application. This application receive everyday 
an important amount of xml files which are parsed to generate and update 
a data model ( a tree which is used in another application). At the 
moment, all theses xml files are downloaded and saved on a simple hard 
disk. I would like to replace this hard disk by a JCR repository or a 
relational database but i'm wondering which of these solutions would 
offer better performances.

A first application would save the xml files inside the DB (JCR or 
Oracle ) and the another application would read the database (JCR or 
RDB) to get the last updates and generate the data model. So in your 
opinion, which solution would be the best and why ?

Thank you :)

Gary Long

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