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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Import export fails for authorizable node
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 09:28:28 GMT

> Some other confusion points that I have:
> - Since export/import is per workspace basis and access

correct, xml-import is on a per workspace basis and you can only
import content to the workspace your session is attached to.

> control+security+system data is stored above/outside the work space level
> [right?],

no... it depends.
- those access control provider implementations in JR that write the ac
   content to the repository are working on a per workspace level.
- with user management it depends on the implementation. initially in
   JR 1.6 user data were kept in a dedicated workspace once for the whole
   repository. since we were struggling with this approach @Day we
   decided to create an alternative implementation that stores user data
   separately for each workspace (-> UserPerWorkspaceSecurityManager,
   -> UserPerWorkspaceUserManager). obviously importing user-data can
   only be processed if we can assure that the import is operating on
   the same workspace.

if importing users fails in you case, i suggest to verify if the
UserImporter is really initialized upon Session.importXML... that is
reason i consider to be most likely for the failure.
if this isn't the problem source i would like to ask you to provide
a simple testcase including a repository configuration that allows
us to reproduce the problem. see UserImporterTest.java for the testcases
present in the code base.

> then how exactly is the other information supposed to be exported/imported.

non-protected jcr items will be processed during the regular import and 
so are protected properties defined by the built-in node types 
(jcr:uuid, jcr:mixinTypes, jcr:baseVersion, jcr:versionHistory etc.)
any other protected items will be ignored during import UNLESS there is
a importhandler configured that is able to handle those protected items.
by default jackrabbit defines handlers for access control content as
created by jackrabbit's accesscontrolprovider implementations and 
user/group items.

hope that helps

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