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From Javier Arias <jar...@ujaen.es>
Subject Re: New information about my last email...
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2011 10:00:25 GMT
Hi Angela, my problem was solved. The problem was: supose I have
"jackrabbit-standalone" in the
folder: /home/user/server/jackrabbit-standalone.jar when you start
jackrabbit-standalone it creates a folder "jackrabbit". I was creating a
TransientRepository with url /home/user/server/ and not
with /home/user/server/jackrabbit taht is the correct. Now it works

Besides , I have a new task. I want to allow only two users for my
webdav server. One user will be admin. I have changed his password and I
will use it only for management tasks. I have created another user to
access to the repository to add and remove files, but with him, I can
not upload resources to server. How I give him privileges to do it?

Another problem is with anonymous user. I have removed this user but
when I start the server, it is created again. I have tried too change
the anonymous password but it does not work, the password is always the
same. It is a problem because everyone can access with

Thank you. Best regards.

El mar, 18-01-2011 a las 14:23 +0100, Angela Schreiber escribió:
> hi javier
> and you are really sure that you changed to admin-password in the
> repository instance you are accessing with the http request?
> from the top of my head i don't see any reason, why you should
> be able to login with another password than the one stored with
> the corresponding use.... and - as far as i know - there was no
> other login that a simple repository.login whose behavior depends
> on the configured login module.
> regards
> angela
> On 1/17/11 1:04 PM, Javier Arias wrote:
> > About the last email, I have copied a repository.xml that I had saved in
> > another folder. And now I can execute my code and I do not have problem
> > with userManager.
> >
> > But the behaviour of the server is strange. I have changed the admin
> > password, now the password is admin2. If I login from java code, I must
> > type, username = "admin" and password = "admin2". If I loggin from
> > browser I must type username = "admin" and password = "admin2", this is
> > very strange!! The same occur if I create a new user. From Java code I
> > can loggin with new user, but from the browser I can not loggin in.
> > I think it can be from repository configuration. Do you have a
> > configuration file as default?
> > I have attached my repository.xml if you want see it.
> >
> > Thank you. Regards.

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