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From gohilumesh <gohilum...@hotmail.com>
Subject WebDav -- Updating file fails from MAC -- Please Help
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2011 16:34:02 GMT

Hi ,
I am trying to update a file from mac using jackrabbit. But it always fails.
When I see the memberName it says .dat085.2  something. And when trying  to
get data it give empty array. So my application break. This works from
I am using latest version of Jack rabbit 2.2.1 , Tomcat server 
Below is my code : Any help appreciated Thanks in advance
public void addMember(DavResource member, InputContext inputContext) throws
DavException {
		if (!exists()) {
			throw new DavException(HttpServletResponse.SC_CONFLICT);
		if (isLocked(this) || isLocked(member)) {
			throw new DavException(DavServletResponse.SC_LOCKED);
		if (!document.isFolder()) {
			// TODO convert all exceptions to DavException?
			throw new RuntimeException("Can only add members to folders");
		DocumentRepository documentRepository =
		String memberName =
		if (member.isCollection()) {
			// create folder
			documentRepository.createSubFolder(memberName, document);
		} else {
			// read file data
			byte[] data;
			try {
				data = IOUtils.toByteArray(inputContext.getInputStream());
			} catch (IOException e) {
				throw new RuntimeException(e);
			// check if file exists or if this is a new file
			if (member.exists() || !document.isNewEntity()) {
				// we've already tested if isLocked(member) above, so we know it's not
checked out by another user
				// TODO there's a small window where another user could lock this
between test above
				// (probably not worth dealing with, but worth documenting here or
catching optimistic lock error?)
				boolean wasCheckedOut = true;
				if (((DavResourceImpl) member).document.getCheckedOutBy() == null) {
					wasCheckedOut = false; // When a new file is moved into a dav folder
					documentRepository.checkOut(((DavResourceImpl) member).document);
				//Check-in the changes
				documentRepository.checkIn(((DavResourceImpl) member).document, data,
"Webdav Check-in");
				//Keep document checkedout, only if it was checked out before
				//Fix for defect 082710-35767
				if (wasCheckedOut) {
					documentRepository.checkOut(((DavResourceImpl) member).document);
			} else {
				String fileExtension = StringUtils.substringAfterLast(memberName, ".");
				Document newDocument = DocumentFactory.newFile(memberName,
fileExtension, data, document);
				//Document newDocument = DocumentFactory.newFile(memberName,
documentContentType.getFileExtension(), data, document);
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