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From Paulo Silva <alfa...@gmail.com>
Subject How to reduce disk space usage (JackRabbit 1.5.5) ?
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:11:45 GMT

I have a web application that stores content in a JackRabbit
repository (version 1.5.5, don't ask... it's old :) ) and I see that
it keeps growing and growing.
Right now it has around 4.5Gb of content where I think that the
content I store there doesn't fill all this (if I kept the images and
text in my FS).
Another strange thing is that almost all of the space is used by 1
single file: repository\workspaces\MYREPOSITORY\db\seg0\c400.dat

1) Is there any maintenance operation that I can do to reduce the disk
space usage?
2) Is there any way to see if this is normal or due to some
misconfiguration of my part (basically it's a plain vanilla

3) Also, I have a problem when I need a backup from the production
server to debug something: downloading all that GB.  Is there some
command line program to just export a part of the JR repository?
4) And in my PC the 4GB repository makes it slow to use (lot's of time
seeing this in logs:
[BundleCache] num=2189 mem=8191k max=8192k avg=3831 hits=76057 miss=3943
[LRUNodeIdCache] num=0/10240 hits=0 miss=90000)
Is there any way to speed this up, disabling some stuff? Is there any
good GUI tools where I can delete content I don't want so that my
repository is smaller in my local PC?

Many thanks for all the help you can provide :)

Best Regards,
Paulo Silva

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