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From Mark Phillips <mark.phill...@mophilly.com>
Subject user or run level issue?
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 02:33:09 GMT
I am working through the configuration of jackrabbit 2.1.3 on mac os x 10.6.5 server. I see
the following errors in the log "catalina_out"...

14.12.2010 16:22:30 *ERROR* RepositoryStartupServlet: Repository startup configuration is
not valid but a bootstrap config is specified. (RepositoryStartupServlet.java, line 366)
14.12.2010 16:22:30 *ERROR* RepositoryStartupServlet: Either create the jackrabbit/bootstrap/bootstrap.properties
file or (RepositoryStartupServlet.java, line 367)
14.12.2010 16:22:30 *ERROR* RepositoryStartupServlet: use the '/config/index.jsp' for easy
configuration. (RepositoryStartupServlet.java, line 368)
14.12.2010 16:22:30 *ERROR* RepositoryStartupServlet: RepositoryStartupServlet initializing
failed: javax.servlet.ServletException: Repository startup configuration is not valid. (RepositoryStartupServlet.java,
line 245)

Now, I have been messing around with file locations but I wonder if the issue is the user
or run level. All the files in Tomcat have an owner:group assignment of _appserver:_appserverusr.
However, this combo doesn't appear in the various user/group lists in the server UI.

Does jackrabbit need a different user/group on mac os x?

Mark Phillips
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