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From Markus Gallmetzer <markus.gallmet...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit JCA on JBoss
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2010 15:38:06 GMT
Hi, thanks for your replies.

>       add *<module-order>strict</module-order>* in *jboss-app.xml* and add
> *<module>
> <connector>jackrabbit-jca-2.0.0.rar</connector>
> </module> *
> at the end of *application.xml*
I have no own application yet, but i want to create one ;-). Therefor, I want to deploy jackrabbit-jca
to jboss  and already this step fails.

>> This looks like a classloading conflict. I'm no expert on JBoss classloading, but
there should be an option to always look for classes first in the rar archive before checking
the shared libraries. Try enabling that option.

I tried the following:

I added the file jboss-classloading.xml to the META-INF/ directory of the RAR file with the
following contents:

<classloading xmlns="urn:jboss:classloading:1.0"

I'm sorry, this is NOT the solution, it only changes the error/exception (ClassNotFoundException
et.al. =>  I think that the xml above restricts the classloader too much.) and increases
the number ;-). I have not  understood the possibilities offered by jboss-classloading.xml

Thank you all,

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