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From Justin Edelson <justinedel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Eclipse Helios, Jackrabbit, Tomcat 6. Almost there, could use some advice
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 14:55:18 GMT
There is no need to build Jackrabbit from source. You can, but there's
no need to. I would focus on writing your application.

This is really more of a Maven question, but IMHO, what you should do is:

1) Install m2eclipse
2) Create a new Maven project in Eclipse using the "war" packaging type
(you can use an archetype, but it isn't necessary).
3) Add org.apache.jackrabbit:jackrabbit-core:2.2.1 as a dependency
4) Code away
5) Profit!

You could do this with "mvn eclipse:eclipse"; the steps would just be
slightly different. Personally, I prefer m2eclipse.


On 11/30/10 9:26 AM, Sandor Spruit wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to create a web application backed by a Jackrabbit repository,
> v2.1.2, working with Eclipse Helios (3.6 SR1), Apache Tomcat 6.
> I'm almost set to create my own stuff, or so it seems, but there are
> some nagging issues.
> My first approach was to build with Maven 2.2.1 from the Jackrabbit
> sources, and set a dependency, in Eclipse, from my web app project to
> the web-app project that's in the sources. Big advantages here would be
> that my own project contains nothing but my own code, and I can get to
> the bottom of things (if needed) to see what happens under the hood.
> Problem is: I'm not really familiar with Maven and there are multiple
> ways to work with Eclipse and Maven. Biggest issue seems to be to get
> the dependencies right between projects at build time, and run-time.
> (1) Use mvn clean compile, mvn eclipse:eclipse, import in Eclipse
> (2) Use the Eclipse 'm2eclipse' plugin
> (3) Other options?
> I have tried options (1) and (2), but there always seems to be one more
> problem, or one more reference missing. Does anyone have a good advice,
> perhaps step-by-step instructions?
> cheers, Sandor

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