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From Sandor Spruit <san...@cs.uu.nl>
Subject Eclipse Helios, Jackrabbit, Tomcat 6. Almost there, could use some advice
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 14:26:22 GMT


I'd like to create a web application backed by a Jackrabbit repository, 
v2.1.2, working with Eclipse Helios (3.6 SR1), Apache Tomcat 6.

I'm almost set to create my own stuff, or so it seems, but there are 
some nagging issues.

My first approach was to build with Maven 2.2.1 from the Jackrabbit 
sources, and set a dependency, in Eclipse, from my web app project to 
the web-app project that's in the sources. Big advantages here would be 
that my own project contains nothing but my own code, and I can get to 
the bottom of things (if needed) to see what happens under the hood.

Problem is: I'm not really familiar with Maven and there are multiple 
ways to work with Eclipse and Maven. Biggest issue seems to be to get 
the dependencies right between projects at build time, and run-time.

(1) Use mvn clean compile, mvn eclipse:eclipse, import in Eclipse
(2) Use the Eclipse 'm2eclipse' plugin
(3) Other options?

I have tried options (1) and (2), but there always seems to be one more 
problem, or one more reference missing. Does anyone have a good advice, 
perhaps step-by-step instructions?

cheers, Sandor

Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Personal coordinates: http://www.cs.uu.nl/staff/sandor.html
"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away!", (U2, Beautiful day)

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